Response to Bob Laird, UC Berkeley's Undergraduate Admissions Director

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In "Cal 'Reject' Turns to West Point," (Aug. 25) Lance Williams quotes Cal's undergraduate admissions director, Bob Laird, as justifying Cal's racial preferences by saying: "We believe that (Cal's) rich diversity of background and intellectual perspective is one of the very reasons why so many students want to study at Berkeley."

I wonder if Laird can explain what intellectual perspective all blacks or Chicanos have and how that differs from the intellectual perspective of all Whites or Asians. Then I want to know if that different intellectual perspective allows me to discriminate against all blacks and Chicanos because their intellectual perspective does not suit my business.

Then I would like to invite Laird to speak at a Klu Klux Klan meeting where his use of race as a proxy for intellectual perspective will be warmly welcomed.

San Francisco Examiner, September 3, 1996, p. A-12