Schiff Memorandum Evades Steele's Lying to the FBI

Article about how the House Intelligence Committee Democrats’ memorandum fails to refute allegations that the FBI/DOJ apparently lied to the FISA court about Christopher Steele’s credibility. (February 25, 2018)

I intended to omit a sentence from the next to last paragraph, but erroneously failed to do so in my final draft to AT. It might be removed later, but keep in mind that this sentence in the next to last paragraph should be omitted: "Steele’s termination was not only because of his disclosure of information to the press, but also for lying to the FBI about it."


Prediction: Sessions will find FBI lied about Steele credibility to spy on Trump

Article about evidence that the FBI/DOJ deceived the FISA Court about Christopher Steele's credibility. (February 21, 2018)


Are You Ready for Fake Facts and Fake Law from the Ninth Circuit?

Article about how Ninth Circuit Judges Hawkins, Gould, and Paez distorted the law and the facts in ruling against President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban. (June 14, 2017)


Sally Yates misquoted the law to Ted Cruz

Article about Sally Yates misquoting the law to Sen. Ted Cruz regarding President Trump's executive orders on immigration. (May 16, 2017)


How Many Deaths Can the University of California at Santa Cruz Ignore?

Article about the University of California at Santa Cruz honoring Rachel Carson. (February 27, 2017)


What FBI director James Comey did not say

Article about why FBI Director James Comey's letter dated November 6, 2016 does not exonerate Hillary Clinton. (November 7, 2016)


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