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The Haut Report

The Haut Report consists of three (3) pages. The first page is a letter size declaration by Hugh Sprunt authenticating the Haut Report as the document he found in the National Archives with Patrick Knowlton. Pages 2 and 3 comprise the Haut Report, and are on legal size pages. The copies of the Haut Report from the Office of Independent Counsel and the Virginia Office of Chief Medical Examiner are on letter size paper. Here is an explanation of the Haut Report written before the release of the OIC's copy and the Virginia Medical Examiner's copy.

Charles Smith, a noted investigative journalist with over 20 years of experience covering areas of national security and information warfare, a frequent guest on national television for the Fox network and on radio shows across America, has written two articles concerning the Office of Independent Counsel’s certified copy of the Haut Report.

The first article, entitled “New Angle on Foster Death,” published on WND.com on 03/24/2000, offers an explanation of the newly released copy of the Office of Independent Counsel's certified copy of the Haut Report. (The OIC's certified copy does not match the previously released certified copy of the report.) The OIC's declaration authenticates the copy of its certified copy.

The second article, published on WND.com on 04/16/2000, entitled “Altered Evidence in Foster Death?”, further explains the newly released certified copy of the Virginia Office of Chief Medical Examiner's apparently original version of the Haut Report. (This is the newest certified copy released and it is apparently a first generation copy from the original.)

Downloadable documents:

The Haut Report (677 KB)

OIC’s certified copy of the Haut Report (442 KB)

Declaration of OIC's Julie A. Corcoran (198 KB)

Virginia Office of Chief Medical Examiner’s certified copy of the Haut Report (416 KB)

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