Court Documents Filed by Attorney John Clarke on Behalf of Witness Patrick Knowlton

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The website in the weblink below contains links to purported audio recordings of Assistant United States Attorney Miquel Rodriguez, who was in charge of the Foster investigation for Kenneth Starr in late 1994 to early 1995. Publicly, we do not know why he quit that investigation, but two books purport to tell his story and are discussed in a motion I filed in an attempt to take his deposition in my case. I have no personal knowledge about whether the audio recordings purporting to be of Mr. Rodriguez are authentic, but John Clarke and Patrick Knowlton say that they are authentic, and I have the highest regard for John and Patrick's credibility. Additionally, others whom I trust have stated that they have spoken to Mr. Rodriguez and that the voice on the audio recordings sounds to them like it is the voice of Mr. Rodriguez.

Downloadable documents:

Motion for Court to Compel Testimony (35 KB)