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Declaration of Darrell M. Joseph

2428 contains the copy of the backs of 2 photographs, for a total of the backs of 8 photographs. After extensive comparison, it is not possible to definitively match the backs of photographs with the backs as photocopied in the Senate hearings Volume II. Therefore, all 8 backs appear in Tab 10 without a page correlation. As to each of the backs, certain information has been withheld from each of the 8 backs pursuant to the (b)(3) exemption.

6(d).    In summary, a total of 118 photographs or Polaroids (or their backs) have been released in full, 11 Polaroids have been withheld in full pursuant to the (b)(7)(C) exemption, information from 18 photographs (or their backs) has been withheld pursuant to the (b)(3) exemption, and information from 14 photographs (or their backs) has been withheld pursuant to the (b)(7)(C) exemption.


7.         For the Court's information, I thoroughly reviewed the responsive photographs described in paragraph 6, above. As noted, portions of certain photographs or backs of photographs, and certain photographs in their entirety, are being withheld by OIC pursuant to one of two FOIA exemptions: (b)(3) and (b)(7)(C). The categories, which are described below, describe the statutory exemption asserted, the rationale for claiming the exemption, and the subject matter of the asserted exemptions. Copies of the 

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