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Declaration of Darrell M. Joseph

redacted records (see Exhibit II) are labeled with the relevant coded categories of exemptions. The coded categories identify the nature of the information withheld under FOIA. In addition, OIC has provided a separate narrative description (see Exhibit III) identifying each document or portion thereof being withheld, the exemption claimed, and the justification for withholding the information.

8.         A summary of the exemption categories is provided below:

Category (b)(3)

Records Specifically
Exempted from Disclosure
by Statute

Category (b)(7)(C)

Records or Information
Compiled for Law Enforcement
Purposes which could
Reasonably be Expected to
Constitute an Unwarranted
Invasion of Personal Privacy

9.         Exemptions claimed by OIC fall into two categories: (b)(3) and (b)(7)(C). The narrative descriptions for the information being withheld are found in Exhibit III. The narrative descriptions (which also refer back to paragraphs in this declaration) and coded categories are being used to aid the Court's review of OIC's explanations for FOIA exemptions used to withhold the protected material. Describing the information withheld by OIC in more detail, in this declaration and in the narrative descriptions in Exhibit III, could identify the

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