Donald Trump Is Right To Think That Something Is ‘Very Fishy’ About The Vincent Foster Death

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I agree with Donald Trump that something is “very fishy” about the Vincent Foster death.  Foster was President Bill Clinton’s Deputy White House Counsel who was found dead in Virginia’s Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993.  The official United States government conclusion is that Foster committed suicide by firing a revolver into his mouth with the bullet exiting the back of his head.

(There are two non-substantive errors in the article. First, Foster was Deputy White House Counsel, and the word "Counsel" was omitted in the article. Secondly, the phrase “Your Fired!” should have been "You're Fired!")

Many of the original source documents used in my lawsuit were published in two volumes by the United States Senate in 1995, which are available at many libraries, and online here and here (scroll down to volumes 1 & 2). Video of hearings broadcast by C-SPAN on July 29, 1994 is here and here, and on July 20, 1995 is here.

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Published May 31, 2016