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Published:  August 3, 2010



This book has not been prepared, sponsored, approved, authorized or licensed by The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, or any entity that created, operates or manages Disneyland or any of the Disney Parks. 


Book Description

In the year 2030, America is a transformed nation. An unchecked and undeterred federal government dominates every corner of the Republic. Consequently, an American treasure has become a political institution. The government is running the country's most beloved theme park. Fireworks! If the Government Ran the Fairest Kingdom of Them All (A Very Unauthorized Fantasy) is a colorful and spellbinding 2030 tour of this Southern California landmark following a hostile federal takeover. After a brief, nostalgic visit to the Park in 2010, we plunge twenty years into the future. This enchanting realm has been commandeered by Washington and remade in its image. In this devastating diorama, a turn-of-the-century street is a boulevard of bureaucratic dreams, the government's realization of Hometown America. As we explore the Park further, jungles and pirate caves provide not thrills but tutorials. Exciting rides have become platforms from which the federal conquerors will turn entertainment on its shrunken head. The spirit of pioneers and voices of liberty once echoed throughout rustic depictions of the American West. Now the government cracks the whip, and each attraction chomps at the bit, bridled by federal oppression. The land of fairy tales perhaps holds the most chilling contrivances. The government wants to mold the minds and hearts of its littlest citizens, and the stories beyond the drawbridge of 2030 are happy to oblige. Within this small world, Washington thrusts its visions upon the young .  .  .  and those dreams have consequences. A look at the future caps off the tour with a utopian model that redefines what lies ahead. The government has determined our destiny without our consent, and that new dawn has an ominous, crimson glow. But the American People may have their own plans by the end of this fantasy. Despite Washington's best tyrannical efforts, the fireworks of freedom may light up the sky with a hope and change that the New Order hadn't expected, optimistically accenting the "if" in this hypothetical tale of a government unleashed.


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