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Photo Index of Selected Photos From Those Released Pursuant to AJF FOIA Lawsuit

The significance of some of these photos is discussed in detail in Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Adjudication of Issues.

After you see the photo of Foster's eyeglasses on the ground be sure to see J.C. Huntington's fine analysis of the issue and other issues at his website.

The file names for the photos correspond to the page number of Senate Hearings 103-889 on which the photo is published or is listed. When multiple columns of photos appear on a page, the upper left is the "a" photo and the upper right is the "b" photo and the lower right is the "c" photo and the lower left is the "d" photo. A single column of photos on a page has the "a" photo at the top, continuing downward. Page 2112 of the S. Hrgs. lists descriptions of photos in three sections: top, middle and bottom. As an example, the photo 2112bot2.jpg, is listed on page 2112 in the bottom section and is the second photo in that section.




2112top2.jpg (219 KB)

Heavily foliaged area

2112mid4.jpg (128 KB)

Foster's car

2112mid5.jpg (108 KB)

Foster's car

2112bot2.jpg (276 KB)

Foster's eyeglasses on ground

2397a.jpg (273 KB)


2400a.jpg (315 KB)

Oven mitt in glove compartment of Foster's car

2400b.jpg (316 KB)

Oven mitt in glove compartment of Foster's car

2407b.jpg (279 KB)

Official death gun

2411b.jpg (259 KB)

Official death gun

2418b.jpg (295 KB)

Foster's car

2423b.jpg (325 KB)

Foster's car

2423d.jpg (312 KB)

Foster's car

2424b.jpg (263 KB)

Foster's car

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